Dialogue is the words spoken within a film. Some dialogue is spoken between one or many characters, some dialogue is spoken from a narrator, and some dialogue may be spoken by way of use hearing what is on a characters mind without the character actually voicing the words. Often times within the movie A Clockwork Orange we get to hear the protagonist’s inner dialogue which adds to his character and provides important details that we may have never known had the director relied solely on dialogue between the characters. The dialogue was made even more interesting by the use of Nadsat slang. Many times throughout the film I found myself looking up what a particular word meant. The below clip provides a the translation on the Nasdat words used within the film.

Sound effects are sounds that are neither dialogue nor music but are created by other methods such as electronic sources or stage props. The absence of sound effects in A Clockwork Orange perhaps makes a larger statement then if sound effects were used. Instead Kubrick relied on dialogue and music to help carry the story along and convey the message to the viewers that he wanted.

Classical music dominates within A Clockwork Orange. Not only are character movements tied to the music we hear within the film, but we also see editing and cinematography follow the movements of these classical scores.  In the following clip shows Alex’s ending his day filled with “ultra-violence” on a perfect note with “a bit of the old Ludwig Van.”  This film not only gives good insight as to how in love with the music the character actually is  when he makes the comment of Oh bliss, bliss and heaven. It was gorgeous and gorgeousity made flesh” but the editing and camera angles follow to the tune.

As for how the scene or sequence would have played differently if alternate sound methods had been used blogger D’Onofrio.Film (2014) said it best “Embracing silence, voice and music, Kubrick’s aural experience enhances cinematic value as it connects the audience to the spaces, settings and minds of the characters.”


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